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Sep 05 2011

VCU’s Ironic 4:0 Win

Ok so I haven’t posted in almost a month. In that time it was the end of a summer class the start of fall classes, an earthquake, a hurricane, and the end of the Kickers season. But VCU’s 4:0 win over Elon today had me thinking. 

VCU was able to pick up a 4:0 win with goals coming from an own goal by Elon, Jason Johnson, Yoram Mwila, and Jose Carlos Castillo. This was a good outing by the Rams who came out somewhat flat in the first half with the only goal being the own goal. The Rams turned on the pressure in the second half with the 3 goals. It is also good to see that 12 of VCU’s 19 shots on goal were on target (which includes a penalty that rattled the crossbar). 

Now you are probably asking yourself, I know the Rams are a good team but why was this match ironic? I guess I should mention that with today’s win, the Rams are 4-0-0 now on the season. Now do you see why I said ironic. VCU has wins now, under 2nd year head coach Dave Giffard, against Navy, Georgetown, Richmond and now Elon. The Rams get a week to rest and recuperate before heading out on the road for the Coastal Carolina tournament. You can also note that the Rams take on a Coastal Carolina team (also University of South Carolina-Upstate but they aren’t apart of this note) that gained a 10:1 win over Richmond during the VCU Tournament. 

The Rams are off to a great start for an early season. With this momentum, I don’t think the conference was exactly ready for the action VCU is going to bring (and who cares about W&M’s #8 ranking). RAM IT!

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